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"Namaste" Welcome to Nepal Sunrise

Nepal Sunrise supporting the people of Kharikhola Village, Solukhumbu in the Everest region of Nepal.

Nepal Sunrise is a project of the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise in New South Wales, Australia.

We have been involved in numerous projects in Nepal since 2001. These have included Woman's Literacy Programs, high school scholarships, teacher training and support, as well as donations of reading glasses.

But our biggest project has been the development of the Mera Primary School in the village of Kharakhola in Solukhumbu which is the Everest region of Nepal

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The people of Kharikhola need your help

Help us to assist with rebuilding vital infrastructure in Kharikhola Village following the tragic series of earthquakes that have affected Nepal.

The Mera School has unfortunately sustained serious damage. One of the school walls, which was badly cracked in the first earthquake, has fallen down following the second earthquake. A wall in the school kitchen has also collapsed which has made the kitchen unusable.

Our top priority is to repair the School so that it can serve both as a community centre where the 150 families whose houses were damaged in the first earthquake can stay whilst their houses are repaired, and secondly to continue the children's education and provide them with hot meals.

As of August 2015 have raised just over $22,000.00 towards rebuilding basic infrastructure in Kharikhola – particularly sections of the school, kitchen and community centre which were significantly damaged.  $18,000.00 has already been sent and the rest will be sent within the next few weeks. Thank you all for your very generous donations.

All donations are tax deductible and all the donations will be sent through the Rotary Club of Patan South in Kathmandu - our long time partner in Nepal. PLEASE DONATE NOW >>DONATE NOW

Our NEXT Project In Nepal

Increase the living standard of the community, particularly in the areas of health, hygiene & education.

Our next project for the Mera School and surrounding village is to increase the living standard of the community, particularly in the areas of health, hygiene & education,  through the implementation of an environmental conservation and sustainable development programme.

To achieve this we intend to introduce a system of bio-organic toilets at the school - this will provide a cleaner and more hygienic toileting program for both the children and staff at the Mera School.  If implemented and maintained correctly, the process will provide the self-sustaining cycle we have been working towards.  The waste product is processed and the slurry used as fertilizer in the recently constructed Greenhouse.  The methane byproduct can be harnessed as energy for cooking. Read more